My name is Mircea Bardac and this is my personal website.

I have finished my PhD in November 2011 at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Automatic Control and Computer Science Faculty, Computer Science Department. My current research is focused on Mobile Security.

The purpose of this website is only to link relevant information about my life, such as work, various projects and other activities that Iā€™m interested in.


I have a great passion for photography. I like bringing myself up to date on tech news using Google Reader whenever I find a few minutes of spare time.

I also like traveling and roller-skating.

Friends can find me on Facebook. Another aggregator of my online presence is my Google profile page.


I am currently Academic Program Manager in Intel (Bucharest, Romania), responsible for the plan and execution of the Academic Program in Romania, university relations and synchronizing with world-wide Intel Divisions on their latest Academic activities and needs.

I am also a Teaching Assistant at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Automatic Control and Computer Science Faculty, Computer Science Department. I have been teaching for almost 7 years classes in the Systems area, working on improving the quality of the labs and providing the best teaching experience for the students.

I have been involved in many projects and have enjoyed working with many people. I have previously worked for Google and Critical Software as a Software Engineer Intern during my university years. For more information about my current and previous work, please check my CV or contact me directly.


I have been involved in many projects until now, either designing and developing applications or as contributing member. Each experience has been extremely valuable for my personal development. My main development interests are:

  • Distributed systems and peer-to-peer networks
  • Software technology integration using open standards
  • Open Source Software Development   Open Source Communities
  • Operating System
  • Mobile Security

This section contains some important projects I am involved into (or I have been involved). For more information about my work please check my CV.

April 2009 ā€“ 2011
Bittorrent Tracker Experiment
Architecture Design & Development

This is an ongoing project running at displaying live statistics on swarm activity of several torrents using a local tracker. This is a small step towards running larger swarm analysis.

My work in this project includes:

  • designing and implementing the monitoring backend for the torrent tracker;
  • integrating logging engines with the monitoring architecture;
  • frontend design and development.
2006 ā€“ 2010
Project Lead and Developer

This is a platform for test generation and evaluation using barcodes in printed tests. This has been successfully used for the last several years in the Computer Science Department, UPB with literally hundreds of tests generated to date. In 2008 work was started to streamline the integration of the underlying technologies over at

My work in this project includes:

  • designing the architecture of the integrated system
  • defining project workflow, development environment, coding style
  • integrating several technologies and tools such as: a PostScript barcode generator, LaTeX test generator, Barcode scanning using a Java application, Bash and Python scripts for component interoperability
2003 ā€“ 2008

Psi is a cross-platform instant messaging application based on XMPP. It is my first true Open Source involvement and I am very happy to say that I have learned a lot being part of the community. Collaborating with developers all around the world was a great experience. I have been involved in:

  • moderating the forums;
  • administering the documentation in the wiki
  • part-time Psi development and testing.

I have also developed and maintained the Windows Installer for Psi.